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I have had my oil changed and a few different places in Vermont, most of them being corporate companies. None of them lived up to the standards of Oil ní Go! The service I receive at either the Essex or So. Burlington locations is great! Both locations are clean, and their technicians are professional. I feel informed and empowered when I visit and as a woman donít feel afraid to ask questions about my car. Itís a few dollars more than the competitors but youíre able to print a coupon online! And honestlyÖIíd pay more to be treated like a human being. Go local, go green, go to Oil ní Go!
--Christal C.

Well Done!

I am impressed, In an age where speed means everything, you guys aren't overlooking quality. I brought my six-month-old conversation van in for an oil change today. While checking the fluid levels, you noticed that the transmission fluid was a quart low. Rather than skipping it, topping it off, or finding an excuse, you found the cause. After tightening two leaking hose clamps and refilling the system, you called me out to look at the work. I am honestly struck with your service. To top it all off, you included the extra service without charge.
-- Scott N.

Yesterday I dropped in to the So. Burl location for some much needed air. I was unable to successfully do it at the short stop. Your technician took me right in and had me on my way in minutes. It is this kind of service which keeps me coming back with all the family's vehicles. We've purchased eight snow tires already and plan on four more soon, as well as having you service all of our cars.

Thank you for taking a moment to make a difference.
-- Carl R.

On April 28, I had the opportunity to have the oil changed in my new car, a Honda Odyssey at your Shelburne Rd. facility. Upon leaving the rest room, I was greeted by one of your technicians, who handed me a considerable amount of cash. He said, "I think this belongs to you."

My wife had told me earlier about hiding some cash under the floor mat and I had completely forgotten about it until your technician handed me the money. He had obviously been cleaning out the inside of my vehicle when he discovered the money. I was blown away by his honesty and the fact that he's standing there handing me the significant amount of money.

His actions sure put Oil n Go on the map for me. I will forever talk up your services and mention the treatment I received at your store. I did reward your technician for the return of the money but I feel like I owe him at least a letter like this to again say thank you, thank you, thank you. This example of what employee honesty means not only to the employee but also to the customer is paramount to the success of any business, it means EVERYTHING! I noticed that your technician had received several citations for outstanding service in the past and I'm hoping that this can join the list of accolades for him.

Keep up the good work and thank all of you once again for an outstanding job. I'll be back time and time again. They say, "what goes around, comes around," and you are due for some good vibes.
-- Parker D.

You may remember my Taurus Wagon broke down by the Mobil station near you last weekend and Dave Flagg, a great long-time friend, towed me to your shop.

I called there several hours after Dave and I went to a reunion at Norwich to find your crew had fixed my gas-line freeze problem.

Everyone at Oil n Go was very helpful and courteous. Your efforts saved me much aggravation at a time when I was in a hurry and you had plenty of other problems.

Thank you - and please pass my thanks onto your crew.
-- Bruce W.

My first experience with you was around two weeks ago. My car was making a rattlin' noise, and I stopped into your shop.

My heater shield was hanging, which caused the noise. Your staff was so kind to take the car in immediately and inspect it. It was a two minute job, which only required removing the heater shield.

I was so pleased with the friendly service, and to be able to go in and get that kind of customer service with NO CHARGE made you my first choice in auto service.

Today it is so hard to find honest auto care; thank you for restoring my faith in auto service.
-- Christian P.

Wanted to compliment you on the fantastic manager you have. Came in with a major light problem and your manager went out of his way to both calm me down and take care of my problem in a timely fashion. I thought that we had lost that kind of expert customer service and knowledge. Will never go anywhere else for service and have broadcast "my extreme pleasure" to all who live in my townhouse association. Give that manager a raise and please, please keep hiring people like him.
-- Elizabeth B.

Tell us about your Oil n Go experience. E-Mail us with your testimonial!