Regular brake maintenance is critical for the safety of you and your family. Oil n Go offers complete brake inspection and service, as well as brake fluid flushes, to help make sure your brakes are in good, working order. Oil n Go brake services will help restore the safety and performance of your vehicle's braking system and will help prevent premature wear of brake components.

How Do I Know If I Need New Brakes?
Regular brake inspections help to ensure your braking system's safety and reliability. Stop by Oil n Go for a brake inspection if you experience any of the following warning signs:

  Squeal or grinding noise coming from the
    front or real wheels
  Brake warning light is on
  Brake pedal is low or feels different when
  Vehicle pulls to one side when applying brakes
  Vehicle vibrates when applying

If you notice any of these symptoms, it's important to have your brakes professionally checked.

Average Frequency: Every 3 Years or 30,000 Miles on Most Vehicles
Average Service Time: 30 Minutes
 Verify brake fluid need for replacement with chemical test
 Flush out all old brake fluid, all contamination, moisture and old fluid out of the brake system
 Enhances life of critical components, including ABS system
 Test and verify brake condition with chemical test

BRAKE SERVICE - Starting at $250.00
Average Frequency: Every 2 Years or 30,000 Miles for Most Vehicles
Average Service Time: 30 Minutes
 Visually inspect the brake pads, rotors and cylinders
 Clean and Adjust Brake Assemblies
 Replace Brake Pads/Shoes
 Inspect Calipers and Wheel Cylinders for Leaks and Function
 Inspect Master Cylinder, Brake Lines, and Hardware
 Fill Brake Reservoir with Proper Brake Fluid and Lube Brake Assembly
 Inspect and Replace Wheel Bearings (where applicable)
 Properly Bleed Brake System
 Special Pads/Shoes May be Slightly Higher